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The Effortless Affair System

The Effortless Affair is a full service party planing service. We take care of the whole party, from invitations to breakdown, because we know you are busy. We want your child to have an amazing party and you to be a guest at your own event. We do all the work, you get all the mom-cred.


We curate the perfect theme for your event. What kind of feel do you want your event to have? Elegant, fun, maybe whimsical. We create a detailed plan of how to achieve that feeling. We are also numbers people and therefore each plan comes with an itemized spreadsheet of how much your selected decor will cost. No surprises here.


What is event styling? Styling is pulling all event decor items together into one cohesive statement. From logos, invitations, centerpieces, event signage, table seating charts, dessert tables, gift tables to dance floor graphics. We want all of those elements to tell a story and be on brand for your event aesthetic. 

We style a custom event for you and take pride in no two of our events are the same. Your event should feel special and be Instagram-able. We can even create custom pieces to truly wow your guests.


We manage your event from start to finish.

Invitations- We design, address and mail your invitations


RSVP Management- Don't want to keep track of who is coming to your event. That's cool, we got it. We provide weekly RSVP updates and chase anyone who has not responded.

Vendors- We attend all vendor meetings with you to ensure nothing is left for interpretation. We synchronize vendors with timelines and become the point of contact for all event questions. We also keep a timeline and remind you when vendors should be paid. Finally, if anyone needs to be paid day or tipped, we distribute at the end of the night.


We set up your event and stay through the last dance. We are your right hand man if you need that shout wipe or need an extra pair of eyes on your mother in law. We scan the event for clean ups and extinguish fires without you ever knowing. Finally, we ensure all rentals go back and anything special gets returned to you.

The Effortless Affair strives to create a calm and effortless party planning experience.

We want you to be a guest at your own party and be in the moment.

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