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The Effortless Affair Birthday Party Package Contract

Client Information*

Child Information*

Event Information*

The Birthday Party Package Includes:

  • 2 fully themed decorated dining tables and 12 chairs (regular sized or child size) with (2) linens, (2) centerpieces,

  • (12) chargers, (36 pieces) silverware, (12) boutique paper plates, (12) napkins

  • Themed craft table (5ft long) with linen and (1) centerpiece

  • Themed display table (5ft long) decorated with backdrop, linen, (1) centerpiece and table signage

  • Themed rental room decor (will vary depending on party theme)

  • Personalized welcome sign (24" x 36" on rented easel)

  • 12 hand painted favor cookies (with "Thank You" tag)

  • 12 cupcakes with handmade toppers

  • 12 Personalized mini water bottles

  • Boutique birthday candles

  • Delivery and setup of all Birthday Party Package elements

**Additional children $45 per child, up to 24

Required details are marked with *

Theme Choice*

Cupcake Flavor Choice*

Cupcake Icing Choice*

Guest Count*

The Effortless Affair must receive an exact final headcount at the signing of this contract. If your final headcount increases, The Effortless Affair will make every attempt to accommodate your request but can not guarantee it.

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Add on Options


Color Choices:

Color Choices:



*Additional Entertainment choices upon request



Cost breakdown

The Birthday Party Package $1,600

Additional Children (45/child): 0

Total Additional Child Cost: $0

Cost of additional options $0

Credit Card Processing Fee (4%): $106

Tax (6.625%): $ 64

Final Payment Cost: $1,770

Legal Stuff

Rental Clause*

All Birthday Party Packages materials are rentals unless otherwise stated by The Effortless Affair in writing. Any damages to the equipment or decor are the client’s responsibility and will be invoiced at full replacement cost.

Weather Clause*

The Effortless Affair is not responsible for damages or other costs occurring because of inclement weather- including but not limited to rain, wind, hail, and excessive heat. Any weather that prohibits any part of the Event from occurring does not constitute a breach of The Effortless Affair’s obligations under this agreement. TEA shall use its best efforts to limit the impact of inclement weather on the quality of its Services but may make last-minute changes to ensure the overall performance of The Effortless Affair’s team and other vendors that have been retained. The event host is responsible for all payments and party costs regardless of weather interference.

Travel Clause*

I understand that travel over 20 miles is an additional cost and will be billed separately.

Mileage from Montclair, NJ

20-30 miles: $75 

30-40 miles: $150

40-50 miles: $225

greater than 50 miles, we do not service

Refunds Clause*

Payments are non-refundable and solely at the discretion of The Effortless Affair*

Please fill out all required fields!

Cost Breakdown

Grand total: $1,770

Includes tax and credit card surcharge

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