Yay! You are hosting Easter Brunch!

Easter is not a holiday that my family traditionally gets together for. For the past several years, my in-laws have gone down to D.C. to visit my husband’s sister and my parents have kind of done their own thing. We started going to a friend’s house and having Easter brunch with them about 2 years ago. It is great because the kids are the same age and they play so nice together. The weather has been amazing the past two Easter’s and we got to sit on my friend’s porch for brunch. The kid’s spill their food and no one freaks out because we just sweep the porch off after everyone is done eating. Super casual.

I know not everyone has that luxury to be drinking mimosa’s outside while bubbles float by. Did your mother call you up and say, “your time has come?” Is your dad bringing around his new girlfriend and you need to host the meet and greet with the extended family? (That may be something that just happens in my family) I got you covered! Hosting does not have to be scary. The goal is to prep as much as possible so you are not elbow deep into some bird as the doorbell rings. I put together this easy to follow timeline so your Easter brunch, dinner, intervention or prison release meal goes smoothly. Let me know what your tips are for easy peasy hosting in the comment section.

Three Weeks Before (By March 31)

· Make a list of invitees and send invitations

· Are you going to have décor?

o Centerpieces

o Do you need to order something from your florist?

o Are you planning an Easter Egg hunt?

o Is Uncle Joe dressing up in an Easter bunny costume?

· Plan the menu. I know. I know. This is the hardest part. But once you figure out what you are serving, you can field those “what can I bring questions.” When in doubt, say wine.

· Are you booking a bartender or server to help? Book them as soon as possible.

Two weeks before (by April 7th)

· Have a confirmed guest list

· What are you serving food on and do you have enough for all your guests

o Plates, cups, silverware, wine glasses, water glasses, champagne glasses

o Add paper and plastic options to your grocery list or order online so they arrive in time

· How many tables do you need? Can everyone fit at one table?

o Rent additional tables/ chairs

o Buy additional tables / chairs and have in the future

· Linens

o If using, wash and have ready to go

o If buying paper add to grocery list

One week before ( April 14th)

· Clean the house. Yes, yes, I know your kids are just going to mess it up but if you do THE DEEP CLEAN now, you can get away with just a spot/ quick pick up closer to the party

· Set the Stage

o If you can pre arrange the furniture, do it now

o Have a space for coats. I love a rolling coat rack that collapses for storing.

o Put away things that can break. Ha! Those have been long broken in my house….

o Set up coffee/ tea Station

o Set up dessert table

o If you can’t pre set up. Draw a layout for quick reference and so hubby won’t keep asking where the craft table is going.

o Stock the bar

Three Days Before (April 18th)

· If you can decorate early, do it now.

· Grocery shopping. Make a list. You know what a bitch it is to have to go back…… Do it.

One day Before (April 20th)

· Set the table

· Pick up your flower arrangements

· Prep your food. Dice those carrots, onions. Bring your turkey. Combine that mac and cheese and pop in the fridge. The goal here is to have everything as ready as possible.

· Spot cleaning time.

· Hide the eggs

Happy Easter!

· Start the oven and start baking. I make a cheat sheet of each items cooking length, what temperature and time each item should go into the oven.

· Set the chairs

· Set the coffee station up

o Sugar, milk, spoon, discard receptacle

· Ice the booze

· Set the appetizers

Game Time!

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