Naming Ceremony

You know when you meet someone and instantly click. I really felt this way about my client for her daughter's Naming Ceremony. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school even into college (hello sheltered) and was unfamiliar with this tradition. I learned that the name in Jewish tradition is very important and you name your baby after a family members with qualities you want your baby to have. This client decided to name her daughter after paternal great grandmothers- Edda and Margaret.

We always start with a consultation of what the client likes and what the client doesn't like. You need to know where someone is coming from to know what kind of feel they want for their party. We decided on a teal, light pink, white and gold theme. This party was going to be at a restaurant and therefore decor was already present on the walls. Although the pictures were fitting for the restaurant decor and were beautiful, they didn't necessarily go with our color scheme. We decided to make the fireplace the focal point and flank either side with white backdrops and balloon garlands. I love the peony and baby's breath floral arrangements on the tables. I think they added so much to the room without overpowering. We custom made a banner with Emilia Margaux and custom gold letters on the mantle because it is all about the name.

Finally, the dessert table. The cake was all natural, no additives or dyes. The cookies were gluten free and of course, the fruit was organic. We custom made the tissue paper backdrop and you can find the tutorial here.

It was a really special day for the family and I was so happy to be apart of it.

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