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Love is a Battlefield

Last year we created Fries Before Guys, so this year we wanted to mix it up and we came up with Love is a Battlefield!! The army print balloons floated above the kids table with army cars and helicopters swinging from the vines. The kids seating fit four with a tan colored table cloth and a net fallen in the middle. Each seating had a wooden charger, an army plate and a little red dessert plate. The kids were given a Valentines Day cookie kit created by Splurge Bakery!! Which included a heart shaped sugar cookie, pink frosting and heart shaped sprinkles. They loved spending the time decorating their cookie and making it their own.

In one corner we had wooden crates holding the greenery and vines, with small toy soldiers and army tanks. Above the crates held the ‘Love is a Battlefield’ foam board which really ties the entire theme together. The balloon arch layed over the backdrop with the tan, army green and bronze colored balloons! This year we wanted something new that was not your average pink and red hearts party. I believe this was not your V-Day party, but it definitely executed Valentine's Day and gave it that loving feeling without being just heart shapes and bright colors. Can't wait to create next year's Valentines Day playdate!!

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