How to make a tissue paper garland

This would be great to hang on a wall to add some pizzazz to your decor or perhaps a backdrop for your DIY photo booth? The options and color possibilities are endless. I suggest moving in odd color arrangements- 3 colors, 5 colors, it just looks more pleasing to the eye in my opinion

1.) Unfold tissue paper

2.) Take two pieces and fold in half

3.) Fold again to quarter

4.) Cut along quarter fold, from the bottom to about an inch from the top. Repeat evenly on quarter tissue paper sheet. I made a total of 8 cuts.

*Hint* ensure you are cutting from the bottom and leave at least an inch at the top or nothing will hold your tassel garland together.

5.) Carefully unfold. Tissue paper is delicate, let me tell you!

6.) Hang on wall with tape or thread with string. Repeat with same color to lengthen and another color below to add depth and fullness.

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