How to make a Shotski

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

I know, I know! You will say, Michelle, this is not a true shotski and you are correct butttt I did not want a true shotski that the bro's take shots of Fireball out of after a day on the mountain. I wanted rustic, pretty and easy to pull out year after year.

I have a client who throws an Oktoberfest party year after year. She called me in this year to assist because she is busy and doesn't have time to plan her yearly 100 person event. We came up with a game plan that I will go over in the Oktoberfest post but one of those ideas was a shotski.

If you are not familiar, a shotski is traditionally made out of an old ski with shot glasses attached. I decided my version would be made out of wood, stained a beautiful walnut and personalized for the family. Without further ado... how to make a shotski.

1. Buy a piece of wood that suits your needs. If you have a piece of reclaimed wood, AMAZING, I don't so I went to Home Depot and bought a piece of 4 foot piece of pine. You can even hunt around in the remnant wood section to see of you can get a deal.

2. Cut the wood to desired length. You want at least 10 inches between the shots so plan your wood cut accordingly. I put a point at the end of mine to add a little decorative detail so it didn't just look like a piece of wood with holes in it. But that is your call.

3. Measure out where you want the shot glasses and drill your holes. Be sure to use a hole cutter that also cleans out the hole. I also had to pick this up at HD.

My new hole drill attahchement

4. Sand and sand. No one wants a splitter when they are taking a shot!

Unfinished shotski- sanding

5. Wipe down with a clean rag and now you are ready for stain. Remember, always stain with the grain.

Stained shotski

6. Personalize. You can write "Bottoms Up" on the underside or "Shuey House est. 2018"

7. Polyurethane your creation. It will help the wood resist moisture and preserve for future events.

8. Glue your shot glasses on to your shotski. Do not use Gorilla glue as it will yellow and look pretty gross as if you did not clean your shotski before use. I used my handy dandy glue gun and it holds great and dries clear.

9. Wait at least a day to ensure everything is dry and the polyurethane fumes have left.

10. Cheers!

Shotski: Bottoms Up

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