A party fit for a Queen

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

We had a lovely client who was recently invited into a fake book club with other local women. The idea is ingenious in that instead of reading a book every month and talking about it, they do something new. Whether it is a craft, exercise class or museum tour. It was our client's time to host but with a full time job and two boys heavily involved in sports, she needed some help with logistics. The activity she chose was making wire crowns and naturally we thought a queen theme would be perfect. It was also very cool to lean into the girly-ness of this theme because she is a mom of two boys and her life is full of farts, mud, blood and wrestling. It was great to see her living room decorated with pink, tulle and cupcakes. Would love to hear your thoughts and if you loved it as much as we did in the comment section below.

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